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Welcome to Evolv Generation. If you haven't heard of us already, where have you been?

We provide live, online, daily zoom fitness classes, which are safe, effective and fun. You can login to our service anywhere in the world, don't worry, no equipment is needed. Our fully qualified instructors will be your daily motivation running you through a variety of workouts suitable for everyone. If you are looking for a place to tone up, build muscle, increase stamina, improve flexibility, develop core strength, boost your energy levels and self confidence or loose weight, Evolv Generation has got your back.

We are already inspiring a new movement in home workouts and have clients shouting out their success stories. So why not ditch the gym and workout daily with us online ? 

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Persia Lawson


"I've been doing the Evolv Zoom classes over the past 6 weeks and Im absolutely loving them! I used to HATE cardio & HIIT with a passion, but Jess & Tina are fantastic teachers and I find myself actually looking forward to each class - and wanting to do one most days (who even am I !?!) I feel so much more energised, I'm fitter than I've ever been and my general mood has improved substantially. I can't recommend Evolv Generation classes enough they've genuinely been one of the best things to come out of this mad year."


Ben Greer 

Isle of Sky

" I heard about Evolv Generation through a friend during lockdown and decided toggle it a go. As for everyone lockdown was pretty tough for me mentally. I had got into some unhealthy living patterns as I was working day and night on a business for the last 3 years. Going to the classes every day gave me a sense of accomplishment and positivity to start the day. It allowed me to use that to grow a routine around it and therefore stability. I quit drinking and smoking and started eating healthier. By the end of week 3 I had lost over 16lbs and my mental health was in a much better place despite lockdown. I am truly grateful for Evolv Generation and the community and welcoming energy"


Nicky Brunt


The start of lockdown was a toughie right! I love a routine, and I am used to walking to and from work everyday along with walking my dog and gym sessions - so lockdown and staying home 24/7 mentally seemed quite a challenge for me. Needless to say I was thrilled when Jess & Tina started their online Zoom classes! I love a good HIIT/Circuit workout, combined with bodyweight exercises - so their schedule is absolutely perfect for everyone! Their flexible timetable has meant I can join a class pretty much everyday, and its always amazing to be welcomed with their positivity, and you can feel the motivation through your computer screen. I enjoy it so much and quite a few of my friends have come along so we can all workout together virtually.


Marie Louise


Jess & Tina have been my lockdown life line! I can't thank you both enough. I started joining morning HIIT classes about two months into lockdown and was suffering from low energy and mood. Pre-covid I'd be at the gym 2-3 times a week and have a super active working life as a fashion PR and influencer, running around London at meetings and events. So when all this stopped and I found myself stuck at home, after a few weeks although okay, was starting to feel low and restless. Luckily I was introduced to Evolv Generation through a friend and I kicked off my commitment by doing daily classes for the first three weeks. I felt so much better and love the way the classes are different everyday, with lots of cardio and core. I know try to do three classes a week, and also go out for a run on the park to mix it up. I love the community and its the perfect start to each day."


Terry Edgington


Evolv Generation offer a variety of live daily classes and the timetable allows flexibility; which has meant I have been able to join at least one class each day, fitting around work and family. The online function has not restricted Tina And Jess' supportive teaching, identifying when a movement needs correcting or providing alternative movements for all abilities. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting involved with the classes and have felt that the online function has provided a safe distance that has allowed the removal of comparison to others and has allowed my body confidence to from."